I loved you from the first…Blur?

Meet Liam and Liah!!

I have the extreme fortune of being able to see the twins in the womb! Of course with my two older children I had the great experience as well but then…that was only one baby. My son was very stubborn in the womb (not much has changed there) and it wasn’t until the last ultrasound that we got to see that the baby was in fact a “he”. My daughter was very forthright and had absolutely no problem letting us know we could expect a princess from the second sonogram (and has insisted on being treated as such from birth until this very second).

But I digress… as I strained too see the shifting images, those blurry shifting images, on that black and white screen I could only gasp in awe as not one but two little wriggling bodies popped clearly on the screen! We knew almost from the beginning that there were two (we had already decided to adopt when we learned we would be getting two for the price of one!) but seeing them “play” together in the womb was amazing! They pushed and shoved with a lot of  “you’re in my space” movements (I’m not sure but there were a couple of times I could have swore Liam smacked Liah in the head!). Let me tell you if the movements in the womb are any indication there is going to be a lot of “Liam Nathaniel you stop hitting your sister right now!”  and “Liah Natalie your brother is not a punching bag!”

There will be one more sonogram but I’ve been told that the last one will really be blurry for lack of space. But I eagerly await my next opportunity to see them once again push and shove at each other. Every time I see them I ache to hold them. Every time I hear those precious two heartbeats I long to feel them beating against mine.

It is a little daunting….this path I have chosen. Wrought with “what if’s” and “I don’t remember it being this hard’s” I am sure there will be moments I will literally be pulling my hair out (good thing I have plenty!). I have resigned myself to not getting any sleep for the next four years (at least) and…if I haven’t already said it…





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