Confessions of a Blogaholic!

As I have rambled and browsed through the many Blogs available to my viewing pleasure on WordPress I have come to the conclusion…this could be worse than Facebook! And that my friends is saying something…seeing as how I hardly ever can pull myself away from Facebook to get on with the real world.


I began my Blog to help me sort out my chaotic thoughts (and I am always happy to share those chaotic thoughts with others) but I have read so many interesting Blogs in these past few days. Some related to my story, some not. But there are at least six “Blogs” out of every ten that I read that I can relate to. Who knew there were other people on the planet? People that, apparently, have the same problems and joys in life that I do.


It is eye opening to realize that there is a whole wide world out there filled with fantastic people just as eager as I am to share their woes and happiness. (yes yes…the ever optimistic bubble head that sees only the good in the world..that’s me)

So as I posted my first reply to another’s Blog I felt I had passed a milestone…this would be the beginning of “meeting” and “talking” to other people that ***gasp***don’t even live in the same state as me! Why, I might even one day be able to say…”I have a friend online…” and actually mean it!

Now don’t get me wrong…I do live in Small Town USA (think Mayberry) and every stranger is welcomed with open arms and hearts (but still watched for suspicious behavior for at least 20 yrs). We really do say, “Bless your heart.” and “Tsk…***with a shake of the head***that boy will never learn.” (never mind that said boy is a twice grown man…lol).

It’s nice to see and read that there are others out there just like me that blubber on in their own “chaotic” way and I look forward to “meeting” all of you!


The Blogaholic



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