To Extreme Coupon or Not?

AS the impending births of the twins edge closer and closer I am overly (and for good reason) anxious about saving every single penny I can. I have never really considered couponing (sp? is that even a word?…lol) before but with four children and two adults in the house I know I am going to have strap down the wallet and pinch those pennies.

So off to research I went…and was immediately sucked into planet coupon! Hours…literally hours later I drug my bleary and blood shot eyes up from the screen only to realize…it was 1:30 in the morning! Good grief I had been surfing through the coupon sea for three hours! But…with that being said…I learned so much. Youtube and Google (my two most favorite sites in the whole world…well…besides Facebook) had so many ideas and videos about different methods that I wanted to speed time up to Sunday (apparently that’s when all the GOOD coupon deals are out) and dash out to do some serious damage with my loot!

I signed up for membership after membership (not the cooky ones but stuff like Publix’s Baby Club  and the like) until my fingers bled. (okay exaggeration but you get my point!) Looked into every single store with in a 50 mile radius from my home for deals and printable coupons (hmmm…one must have ink in their printer for that one mustn’t they? Note to self: BUY PRINTER INK!) I even discovered that I had accumulated .15 off of every gallon of gas I bought due to my Win-Dixie card and their Fuelperks program! I was amazed! You mean I could have been saving .15 all this time? How did I not know this? (I do recall hearing it in passing but dismissed it as not really worth my while…that’ll teach me to dismiss so easily won’t it?)

And so…I eagerly await the Sunday paper, anxious to start my clipping and saving and am already sorting out different methods I want to try. I have properly bookmarked all of the sites I think that will help me the most and I will share them at the end of this post (let’s give credit where credit is due) and want to give a big shout out to my girl Lori Jones for helping a sista out! You have likely started me on a new addiction (and one that my husband can FINALLY get on board with!)

I shall keep everyone posted on my huge successes and can’t wait to save oodles of  money!!!

Those links I mentioned: (I think I like these two crazy chicks the most!)

Until next time,




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