Where Oh Where Have I Been!

So….the last time I blogged was September of 2011. Just in case you guys missed the memo it is now January (nearly the end of January) of 2012. And I….well… I have been a VERY busy busy girl! It all started with a bridal shower. What’s the big deal about a bridal shower you ask? Well nothing unless you’re planning one (which I was). My beloved niece had a wedding coming up in November and on top of planning that with her future mother in law I decided I was wonder woman and could plan the bridal shower as well. So September…bridal shower…move on to October.

We planned this huge Bar-B-Q/Baby Shower/Beer-For-Diapers event that would happen in October. As you all know my husband and I were adopting a set of twins. As twins can be quiet expensive we decided to have a huge baby shower and trade beer for diapers (sounds crazy but BELIEVE ME IT WAS WORTH IT… I racked up an entire closet full of diapers and baby wipes). On top of planning a wedding all year long, a superb and fabulous bridal shower and a baby preparation extravaganza, our twins…those stinkers…came EARLY.

Not due til December the twins would make an appearance the day after the baby shower. Two months early and sending every one into a panic those two beautiful babies had to be delivered emergency c-section in a hospital with no NICU. This meant they would have to be transported to where one was at. Enter Wolfson’s Childrens Hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. Nearly 100 miles from our home we traveled in a frenzy to get to our babies that had been rushed out the door right before our eyes.  Here comes the tricky part…we were NOT prepared legally for all of this hoopla. We still had two months left to prepare (well at least a month…I knew twins tend to come early). A hurried phone call to the lawyer and after days of anxious waiting (the NICU would not allow us in to see the twins with out affirmation from our lawyer) we FINALLY got to go see them with out receiving the evil eye (apparently those with out legal proof of adoption are clearly out to kidnap…okay…I know…I know…they were just doing their job..:::sigh::)

I digress…after all paperwork is turned in and we are received with warm smiles of welcome we get to really see our babies. Hardest thing I have ever had to do is leave those babies to come back home. But as momma to two big babies as well  I had to divy out my time accordingly.

A month and a half later Liah got to come home and then nearly a month after that Liam. Our adoption was finalized December 8th 2012 and we are officially parents to four children!

There are so many stories I have to tell and catch every one up on but I will sort them out blog by blog and share them with you. As a mom of twins and two teenagers, a college student and a wife I hope I will be able to find the time to “talk” to every one…if not…SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU! 🙂

The twins with their daddy!


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