Projects Oh Projects… Oh How I LOVE My Projects!

As a new mommy again after 13 yrs I look at all the technology that we have now that just wasn’t quite kicking when I was having my older children. Yeah…we had the web..but it wasn’t nearly as extensive as it is now. Got a question…type it in and Google will tell you (or other search engine you can imagine). Want to know the weather in your hometown…search and you shall receive. Need directions…MapQuest or Google Maps can show you the way…(literally all the way to China if needs be).

So as we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of our twins I searched and searched website after website. Blog after blog until…duh duh duh…PINTEREST!!! For those of you not aware of this uber cool website for interest of ALL kinds …you should totally check it out…click here>Pinterest…go ahead…I’ll wait. Back? Okay…so basically Pinterest is a website dedicated to all interest of all people. Think of it as a giant bulletin board where everybody can “pin” the stuff they like onto their own little board. But everybody can see your likes and as they click on each like…it takes you to the website where the idea or item came from! WHAT! No more…oh dang where did that bookmark go…I was going to do that project today…awww man! It’s all in one place (the person who invented this should be given a medal or something) So move over Facebook…hellllooooo Pinterest (no…I lie…I still Facebook…lol).

To be clear…I am NOT a crafty girl. Never have been. Until Pinterest. And then….there was…”Hey! I can do that!” or “:::gasp::: I have ALL the stuff to do that…I am SO doing that tomorrow!”.  Wait….(visual rewind) I was talking about the twins…sorry sorry…Pinterest got me again. Okay so…as I was saying…looking online for ideas for a nursery for the twins. I needed to make the most of the space I had cause…hellooooo…twins!!! We decided to convert the front sitting room into a nursery (and I mean really…all we had in there was a decrepit old pool table any way…::: grumble:::still catching it for that one). This room is centralized so everybody can help (yes yes…my kids were super excited that they too would be able to hear the squalling babies at 3 a.m.!). Annndddd it had enough space. On to the search for decoration and space-saving ideas.

Enter…Pinterest! The ideas flew onto my boards like paper airplanes in the third grade! I pinned until my eyes blurred (and lost several hours at a time). Half of the ideas I pinned were concocted of items I had around my house and I NEVER EVEN KNEW! I did this from this . And got this idea from Pinterest. This photo idea from this photo idea… the many different and unique things that make up the twins nursery all came from Pinterest! I am now in the process of converting a china cabinet/pie safe (not sure what it is really) into a wardrobe for the nursery and am itching to get back to it (dang sun….always having to go down!)

Moral of my story…this once unsavy and non-crafty chick is now on a roll! There is no telling how far I might go (look out hubby!). As I go I may post a few of my fabulous projects on here for you to see…and you guys can tell me what you think!

Ta Ta for Now!



This the Wardrobe I re-did for the twins!


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