Things I Have Painstakingly Learned As a Mom of Twins

It’s hard being a mom of twins!

I have to admit if I had the time I would read every how-to twin book I could get my hands on. As it was I was a nervous wreck with one baby at a time with my two older children.  To say I was a tad apprehensive about rearing two babies at one time would be putting it lightly. But alas there is NO free time with twins, two teenagers, a house and a hubby to keep happy! So I thought…maybe I will share what I have learned so far with those new expecting moms out there…so…

1.) Babies are going to cry. With two it will be in surround sound. You can feed them, change them, burp them, bounce and sway them, sing to them and down right beg them and they are still going to cry. Accept this now. The good news is that it won’t last forever. They will stop and you will have peace once again (or at least until they start crying again).

2.) Feeding twins is messy. All the bibs, baby wipes and fancy spoons in the world are not going to cure this ailment. The only known cure all…soap and water. Make it a routine…always feed up BEFORE bath time.

3.) Bath time is…wet! As soon as they can figure out that those little wiggly things attached to their sternum and waist can move and splash….you can pretty much prepare to be soaked by the end of bath time. And right now we are still doing single baths at a time. Just wait until we are putting them both in together!

4.) Babies change…frequently. Just when you think you have a rhythm…that you have it all figured out and are thinking to yourself…”pssshh….what was all the fuss about…piece of cake.” They are going to change it up on you. One week Liam is a happy camper and the next he is a monster. On week Liah is sleeping all through the night and the next she is up at 3:00 a.m. wanting to play. (those are going to be the best moments…enjoy them…even if you don’t feel like it). Right now…they are sleeping through the night and trust me…it is great but…I also anticipate an owl eyed baby giggling in their crib trying desperately to wake up their twin and hoping SOMEONE will play with them!

5.)  Prayer is a must! If I thought I prayed in the middle of the night with one baby…that is nothing compared to the now. I flash pray all the time, washing dishes, folding laundry, feeding a baby, or the most frequent occurrence…at 3:00 a.m. And I truly believe God hears me…for eventually those darling monsters go back to sleep (my feverent prayer again and again!). You will pray for sanity…you will pray for patience…you will pray for sleep. If I didn’t already say it…PRAYER IS A MUST.

6.) Those cute twin outfits are for special occasions only. If you are sitting at home in your p.j.’s then your twins certainly can sit around in a onesie. I brought my babies home and everyday had them dressed to the nines from head to toe. Until I realized…it was a. exhausting and b. uncomfortable for them. Curb your impulse to dress them cutsie unless you are having company…or going somewhere special…like Wal-mart…lol…(gotcha…I AM from the south after all!)

7.) Never…EVER refuse help! At first you are going to feel like wonder woman on crack. You can do ALL and need NO help with YOUR babies. This is a lie you will frequently tell yourself until you realize that the woman in the mirror CAN NOT be you. Where did the huge luggage under your eyes come from? And those dark roots….wait…how long has it been since you had your hair done? You will remain resilient in the face of all helpful advice and “call me if you need help”  but in the end you will cave. And then the next time some one offers to help you out….you will take that offer with both hands and run with it. It’s going to happen. Deal with it.

8.) You are going to get TONS of advice! Some of it good and some of it bad. Weed it out…but eventually you will tune it out. Every set of twins is different. And unless you know some one who has had a set of twins…a singleton parent can’t possibly understand what you are going through and the sympathetic “tsk…I know just how you feel” makes you want to punch some body straight in the face. (sorry singleton parents…but it’s true.)

9.) It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep your other children quiet (should you have any others). You will shush…and you will snap your fingers…and you will give the evil eye (as only a mother can) and it will all be in vain. Your other children will forget that you’ve threatened their mortal lives two seconds after you have done it. It’s a sad and vicious cycle that never ends…but eventually the babies will learn to sleep through it…eventually.

10.) You will watch a thousand cartoons a thousand times. And eventually you will find yourself watching them when your children are not there. This is okay…do not be worried if such an instance occurs.  I have found that watching cartoons relaxes me (probably because it means a small and temporary silence when children are in attendance). This is the fun part of being a parent of small children. No ones looks at you strangely when you automatically turn the television to the Disney channel…it is expected. 🙂

So while this list may be a bit extensive and over done….they are ALL true. Feel free to ask other moms of twins…they will tell you the same. I do not share this list to scare any one…merely to prepare you for the fun adventure of being a multiple mommy. I love this crazy and outrageous life…it can be exhausting…but it is SO worth every single moment!

Til next time…


4 thoughts on “Things I Have Painstakingly Learned As a Mom of Twins

    • I can honestly say that there have been actual moments where I have committed murder in my mind. I ask myself if that’s normal and answered…yes. When some moron approaches you with one child that looks to be in a sugar induced coma and feels the need to say…”oh….there is nothing to it! It’s twice as easy with one!” I plot their imminent demise and strategically plan out where I will hide the body. All in my mind of course…but still….gotta love those moments. :/

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