Waste Not the Time You Have With Your Children…

Where does the time go? As a parent we will ask this question a million times. I look at my teenage son…now 16 yrs old and steadily showing me that he is a young man now. My teenage daughter…now 13 and already so grown up it breaks my heart. Once in a while I take those memories I’ve hoarded up in my heart and examine them closely. Like tiny treasures in a hope chest I smile a secret smile at the small children they used to be. With pudgy little hands and big eyes full of awe and wonder those two once tiny beings had and still have mommy’s whole heart in their dirt smudged little hands. These days I look at them in that certain moment that sends alarm bells shrieking through my system…my babies aren’t babies any more! Oh sure…they are ALWAYS going to be my babies but to this world they are headed towards young adulthood. 

Perhaps the twins have brought all these memories to the front of my mind as I watch them do the same things that the older children used to do. The things that I was so excited to see…just couldn’t wait to see! The first smile…the first time they rolled over…the first babbled word. As I anxiously and eagerly waited for them to “find” their toes! All of these firsts bring back bittersweet memories of watching the older ones and that remembered excitement of seeing it. 

The twins are now 7 mo and I just keep asking myself….where does the time go? They were just tow tiny little beings in NICU fighting to get stronger and now they are close to crawling. As I look at my older children I can only helplessly look at my younger children and sigh….soon they too will be running momma crazy with I need’s and I want’s. The rolled eyes and shrugged shoulders…and “oh mommmmmmaaaa!” I treasure every moment with ALL of my children. I soak up the “momma you are the best mom in the world” and “I love you’s!” like every day is my last and I have to shake my head at the mom that is so impatient to be rid of her children for the weekend (alas I have to nearly beg my two teenagers to stay home on the weekends). Waste not the time you have with your children…for it will be a mere thought in the wind in but a few moments. (yeah…I thought that one up my self!) One day you will look around at an empty house and bemoan the vast alone that surrounds you. Cherish those small insignificant memories…the ones that you don’t believe merit a second thought. Memories like…a small smile just for you and you alone. A whispered I love you as you kiss them good night even after you’ve both said it back on forth ten times. Those wonderful and warm arms wrapped around your neck and that trusting head upon your shoulder. All of these seem so small to you now…but in the far future…they will be diamonds inside your heart.


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