Life IS Hard…Get Over It.

May I take a moment to say a small rant here? We all know that I am a true Facebookaholic…I check my news feed constantly (just in case I’ve missed something from the last time I checked it…five seconds ago). I am shameless in admitting this. Where I once woke up to a cup of coffee and a gossip news paper, I now drink my coffee to the local woes and happy congratulations. I am also shameless in admitting that as well.


But here’s my beef…I can handle the constant whining and complaining from the teenagers (after all…I have two of those) but when the adults feel the need to constantly …and I do mean constantly complain about how miserable their life is it kinda sorta ticks me off. Now here’s where the smart aleck will chime in with …well if you don’t like my posts…feel free to delete me…and I have…trust me I have. The world is depressing enough as it is with out seeing your incessant posts about how your job sucks…your husband is a you-know-what…and your children and ungrateful ingrates.

Life is far too short to feel that miserable with your life. You’re alive aren’t you? Yes? There ya go…chalk that one up to good fortune. Your job is not exactly as fabulous as you had anticipated…look for a new one! If the man/woman you married is no longer a great catch…throw them back!! If your ungrateful children act…well…ungrateful…pull a page from grand moms book and grab a switch from outside (or take away the ungodly expensive toys you have spoiled them with for say…more than 5 seconds)!

Life IS hard people. It’s what makes you a stronger person. Where would we be as a (somewhat) intelligent race if not for our struggles that brought us here? No one said life was easy…if they did they should tied and properly beaten for lying to you!

Where is your mention that while your job sucks….at least you have one!! What about the fact that though your husband/wife is not the knight in shining armor/princess you thought he/she was…he/she decided to stick it out with your griping behind! And sure your children could use a few swats to their spoiled behinds…but they are what YOU made them. There must be SOME endearing qualities about them….right….right?

Alls I’m sayin’ people is…lighten up! One day you are going to wake up and look around and “oh crap I’m old!” is going to come out of your mouth. Do you really want to look back and say…”man I was such a bummer.”? No. No one wants to be remembered for being that grouchy person that no one could stand to be around.

In the famous words of  Truvy Jones …”SMILE IT INCREASES YOUR FACE VALUE!!” (for those of you not aware of who Truvy Jones is…it’s a quote from Steel Magnolias…and your movie education is seriously lacking!)


P.S. I apologize in advance to any one that may be offended by my (rude but truthful) outburst…well…not really. If you are offended…obviously you need to smile more often too!


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