I Can’t Believe It’s Been A Year!!

The 23rd of this month marks my twins turning one. We had their birthday party the Sat before and still….I cried as I watched them crawl around on the floor with their new toys. This year has been remarkable and has shown me that miracles really do happen. Born at 31 1/2 weeks Liah was 3lbs 1oz and Liam was 3lb 11oz. And today I watch them crawl and roll around on the floor like the little miracles they oblivious to the tears and prayers that bombarded the heavens on their behalf a year ago. My perfect and healthy babies are just that…perfect. Absolutely nothing wrong with them. As I look back on this year at all their milestones (first tooth, sitting up by themselves, and finally crawling…no…not walking yet) I am amazed….simply amazed at how carefree they are. I’ve rocked sleepy babies (still rocking sleepy babies) I soothed sore gums (still doing that too) and rubbed bumped noggin’s. And each time they do something new (which is just about everyday) I am amazed anew. And blessed. Because if I was unsure if this was the path God had intended for me…this year has shown me…I am where I am supposed to be. Yes it’s hard (so very very hard) but it’s also so very worth it! People ask me would you still do it if you could start over? Absolutely. Yes I would. God has gifted me with not one but two treasures (four if you count my older children…and I do) and I never intend to forget that. I live my life happily (if not a little bit poorer…lol) and am content in the knowledge that I am special. I get a glimpse into heaven before it’s my time. I get hold and kiss angels everyday. And that….that it something to NEVER take for granted!




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