Day Three Of Reasons I am Thankful

Today I am thankful for my in-laws! Yes…you read right! My in-laws!

When my husband and I were dating and wanted to introduce me to his family I was a nervous wreck. Would they like me? Would they snub me because I was dating their baby boy? The endless worry nearly gave me ulcers. Until I met them. His parents welcomed me with open arms and assured me that if their son loved me…they would love me as well! I was then introduced to his brothers and sister and nieces and nephews…and received the same answer…if he loves you…then we love you. It was that simple.

I see so many friends and loved ones struggle with their in-laws. It is hard on a couple if ones family is against the relationship. But I was ever so lucky…God gifted me with another family to love (one just as large as MY family!) and I can never ever in a million years stress to them how important they are to me.

To my in-law family…you are not in-law to me…you are just family. I love you dearly and thank God everyday that you accepted me so readily into your fold.

Yes…today I am thankful for my in-laws. 🙂


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