Day Four Of Reasons I Am Thankful!

Today I am thankful for my community!

I live in a small town that just barely merits us a dot on the map (thanks to Tropical Storm Debbie people now some what know where we are!). We are not a small as some but we aren’t so big that we don’t wave to strangers as they drive/walk by. I love the strong sense of community that we share here in our little town. When some one needs prayer they need only make a mention on Facebook and by noon that day the word is spread to every church in town. That is the awesomeness of a small town. If there is a community member that is ill or has family that is ill….as soon as it hits the airwaves…a small flash prayer is IMMEDIATELY sent up. Because that’s how we roll in our small town. Yes there are drawbacks to living in a small town (every body knows what you are doing…even if YOU don’t!) but in my estimation the pros far outweigh the cons.

Yes…today I am thankful for my lovely, nosy, prayer minded community.


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