Ode to My Mother

What’s the definition of a mother? I am sure Webster’s has a very neat explanation, all nice and tidy summing it up in a sentence or two. But how can you sum up all a mother is with a few sentences? Does Webster go into detail about the tears a mother will cry as she brings her child into the world? The agony she endures and the instant love that will engulf her as she peers into those new and innocent eyes? Does Webster explain how much worry a mother will face in the entire life time of her child…no matter the age? Does he tell of her fierce loyalty and dedication to her child…so much so that she would willingly die to protect him or her? And what about how proud a mother can feel for her child as she sees him or her take the first steps, say their first words or as he or she walks into a classroom for the very first time? I bet Webster doesn’t tell you all of that. The love a mother feels for her child can not be simply explained. I don’t have the words to fully explain the absolute love that I have for my children. Indeed, it would take me more time than I have to put it for all to see here today. But I can tell you….being a mother has clearly brought what my mother has endured into focus. I now know with full certainty how far my mother would go to protect me. How far she would go to make me happy. How much she truly loves me. Of course I know my mother loves me but I didn’t fully grasp just how much until I gave birth to my first child. Until I looked into the precious eyes and knew…I would give my last breath to him. I would climb mountains, slay dragons, and sacrifice my own life for his. And after I realized this…I knew I owed my mother a debt of gratitude that I would never, in all my years, ever be able to repay her. But I will try. 

You can’t know how much I love you mom. How proud I am of YOU. How much I brag on you every time I get the chance. You can’t possibly know how much I appreciate that I can call you and you will drop everything and come running. You can’t fathom the wealth of love I feel as I sit here and tell the world about how wonderful my mother is. 

So you see….it goes both ways. Thanks to you I am a good mother. The years under your tutelage have taught me all the knowledge I will need to endeavor my journey as a mom. And when my children are grown…and they have their own families….they will understand too…just how much I truly love them.  


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