What Exactly is Perfection?


Have you ever really wondered what people see and think when they look at you? Of course we do…all of us. It’s human nature to worry about how others perceive us and so we all struggle to be perfect. But what exactly is perfect? And who has time to strive towards that continuously? I certainly don’t. I have four children that make it nearly impossible to be perfect and if I ever for one full minute might actually think I could be perfect….one of those four children set me straight right away.

I love my life. Let me just say that. I think my life is perfect because I am implicitly happy in it. But your definition of perfect and mine may be slightly different. If by perfect you mean healthy children….then yes, life is perfect. If by perfect you mean a roof over my head….then yes, my life is perfect. If by perfect you mean Food in my pantry….then yes my life is perfect. Those are the things that mean perfection to me. To be told you are pretty, talented and smart are all perks of life…they do not mean perfection. At least not in my estimation.

I take none of the blessing in my life for granted. I fully understand that God has smiled on me and thank Him daily for that gift. I live positively and with gusto because everyday is one more on this earth with my family. I have been knocked down, of course I have, we all have at some point but I get back up and move on because that is how life is. That is His grand design…to walk through life facing trial and tribulation and understand that he is right there with you.

I don’t judge. Ever. I am far too aware how small I am in the grand scheme of things to ever put myself above others. I’m also aware that because I clearly see MY blessings and chose to live positively I can been seen in a negative light. This is the way of the world and I accept that. I understand that because there are people out there who are content to be unhappy…they feel that everyone should be okay with that as well. And that’s their opinion and they have a right to it.

But I also have the right to say…I’m sorry. I’m sorry you are miserable and only invite negativity into your life. I’m sorry that my happiness upsets you. I am sorry that you look at my mediocre life and it seems so “perfect” that you want to spew hate at me. I am sorry….no….wait….you know what…I’m NOT sorry.

I’m never going to apologize for seeing the blessing God has put in my life as anything but a miracle. I am never ever going to apologize for having the, as you say, “perfect” life. It’s just not going to happen. I adore my life. I revel in all of the wonders I get to see every single day in my home. I pray for you….that you find happiness in all that you ALREADY have. I pray that you look around and see…life is far too short to dwell in negativity. I pray that you can one day look at my life….understand that I have fallen before too ….and that it is possible to get back up. I pray for you.


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