Who Me?

This is where I very cleverly tell you all about my fabulous and exciting life right? Hmmm….

Let’s see…Married 16yrs to a wonderful and very (did I say wonderful?) supportive husband. We have two children that I strongly believe secretly sit in their rooms and invent ways to drive their mother to distraction!

A mere three years ago (Good grief was it only three years?) I decided I needed to do more with my life and signed up to go back to school. It has been….uh….several, several years since I had last seen a textbook and I will suffice to say it was not uber easy to “jump” back in. I am earning my Bachelor’s in History, a Minor in Criminal and Social Justice and a Specialization in Political Science and Government! (pause as I gasp for air)…

And since I am clearly a superhero that can do it ALL I have now decided I am ready to tackle being a new mommy all over again! We are adopting! The twins will be here in Dec…(we hope they cook that long!) and in the meantime I will be saying a litany of prayer’s (feel free to join) that I have not completely forgotten all there is to new babies.  (have I already said it’s been 13 yrs?)


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