Day Four Of Reasons I Am Thankful!

Today I am thankful for my community!

I live in a small town that just barely merits us a dot on the map (thanks to Tropical Storm Debbie people now some what know where we are!). We are not a small as some but we aren’t so big that we don’t wave to strangers as they drive/walk by. I love the strong sense of community that we share here in our little town. When some one needs prayer they need only make a mention on Facebook and by noon that day the word is spread to every church in town. That is the awesomeness of a small town. If there is a community member that is ill or has family that is ill….as soon as it hits the airwaves…a small flash prayer is IMMEDIATELY sent up. Because that’s how we roll in our small town. Yes there are drawbacks to living in a small town (every body knows what you are doing…even if YOU don’t!) but in my estimation the pros far outweigh the cons.

Yes…today I am thankful for my lovely, nosy, prayer minded community.


Day Three Of Reasons I am Thankful

Today I am thankful for my in-laws! Yes…you read right! My in-laws!

When my husband and I were dating and wanted to introduce me to his family I was a nervous wreck. Would they like me? Would they snub me because I was dating their baby boy? The endless worry nearly gave me ulcers. Until I met them. His parents welcomed me with open arms and assured me that if their son loved me…they would love me as well! I was then introduced to his brothers and sister and nieces and nephews…and received the same answer…if he loves you…then we love you. It was that simple.

I see so many friends and loved ones struggle with their in-laws. It is hard on a couple if ones family is against the relationship. But I was ever so lucky…God gifted me with another family to love (one just as large as MY family!) and I can never ever in a million years stress to them how important they are to me.

To my in-law family…you are not in-law to me…you are just family. I love you dearly and thank God everyday that you accepted me so readily into your fold.

Yes…today I am thankful for my in-laws. 🙂

Day Two Of Reasons I Am Thankful!

Today I am thankful for just being here. Sounds crazy right? But think about the alternative.

So many people take for granted the very fact that the good Lord gives them one more day. If you go to sleep and you wake up the next morning…that is God’s gift to you. Embrace it. Treasure it. And live it like it’s your last. Because you never really know what each day holds. Smile at a stranger (even if said stranger looks a little iffy…remember…what if God was one of us?), Lend a hand to an elderly (today I helped a little old man on a motorized cart by reaching something on the top shelf for him…yes yes…the joys of being tall!), hug your loved ones for an extra beat (not to bring any one down but you may never see them again) and most of all be thankful you are here (insert flash prayer here::: Thank you Lord for letting me wake up today:::)

Yes….today I am thankful for just being alive.


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Day One Of Reasons I am Thankful!

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As this November rolls around and the stores fill with Thanksgiving and Christmas decor I look around at all the frustrated faces. Everyone is in a hurry to go here or there and no time to just take a moment to breathe and be thankful.

Today I see on Facebook where people are doing…Reasons I am Thankful. So I thought Well why not! I have SO much to be so very thankful for!

#1 Reason I am Thankful: My Family!

I know…very unoriginal. But it’s the truth. I am thankful for my husband who is, in my opinion, the best husband in the entire world. We have been together through thick and thin, ups and downs, and everything in between. We married young (not THAT young but still….young) and there were so many that had their doubts. I am sure they secretly thought we were knocked up (though I did get pregnant only two months after we got married) but we just loved each other. It was that simple. I am thankful for our four beautiful children that God has gifted me with . Though they have their moments I have two teenagers that are truly fabulous kids. Loving, caring, giving and polite, these two are mommies shinning stars. My precious twins, already a year old, show me every single day that life is not to be taken granted. The entertain me with their wacky and quirky facial expression that make them their own person. They love so fully and completely without reservation…it is amazing to see and receive. I am thankful for the huge gaggle of cousins, Aunts and Uncles, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, and those that aren’t actually family but…we claim them anyway. 🙂 I am even thankful for those in my family that I am not close to, and am even wary of….I still love them and pray for them.

In my large and boisterous family there is no quiet, no alone time (not really…not even in the bathroom….lol) and everyone knows all of your business. But in this family every one also pitches in when the chips are down and gives their all to help out.

Yes….today my reason to be thankful is my F-A-M-I-L-Y.

I love you all dearly!

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I Can’t Believe It’s Been A Year!!

The 23rd of this month marks my twins turning one. We had their birthday party the Sat before and still….I cried as I watched them crawl around on the floor with their new toys. This year has been remarkable and has shown me that miracles really do happen. Born at 31 1/2 weeks Liah was 3lbs 1oz and Liam was 3lb 11oz. And today I watch them crawl and roll around on the floor like the little miracles they oblivious to the tears and prayers that bombarded the heavens on their behalf a year ago. My perfect and healthy babies are just that…perfect. Absolutely nothing wrong with them. As I look back on this year at all their milestones (first tooth, sitting up by themselves, and finally crawling…no…not walking yet) I am amazed….simply amazed at how carefree they are. I’ve rocked sleepy babies (still rocking sleepy babies) I soothed sore gums (still doing that too) and rubbed bumped noggin’s. And each time they do something new (which is just about everyday) I am amazed anew. And blessed. Because if I was unsure if this was the path God had intended for me…this year has shown me…I am where I am supposed to be. Yes it’s hard (so very very hard) but it’s also so very worth it! People ask me would you still do it if you could start over? Absolutely. Yes I would. God has gifted me with not one but two treasures (four if you count my older children…and I do) and I never intend to forget that. I live my life happily (if not a little bit poorer…lol) and am content in the knowledge that I am special. I get a glimpse into heaven before it’s my time. I get hold and kiss angels everyday. And that….that it something to NEVER take for granted!



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Life IS Hard…Get Over It.

May I take a moment to say a small rant here? We all know that I am a true Facebookaholic…I check my news feed constantly (just in case I’ve missed something from the last time I checked it…five seconds ago). I am shameless in admitting this. Where I once woke up to a cup of coffee and a gossip news paper, I now drink my coffee to the local woes and happy congratulations. I am also shameless in admitting that as well.


But here’s my beef…I can handle the constant whining and complaining from the teenagers (after all…I have two of those) but when the adults feel the need to constantly …and I do mean constantly complain about how miserable their life is it kinda sorta ticks me off. Now here’s where the smart aleck will chime in with …well if you don’t like my posts…feel free to delete me…and I have…trust me I have. The world is depressing enough as it is with out seeing your incessant posts about how your job sucks…your husband is a you-know-what…and your children and ungrateful ingrates.

Life is far too short to feel that miserable with your life. You’re alive aren’t you? Yes? There ya go…chalk that one up to good fortune. Your job is not exactly as fabulous as you had anticipated…look for a new one! If the man/woman you married is no longer a great catch…throw them back!! If your ungrateful children act…well…ungrateful…pull a page from grand moms book and grab a switch from outside (or take away the ungodly expensive toys you have spoiled them with for say…more than 5 seconds)!

Life IS hard people. It’s what makes you a stronger person. Where would we be as a (somewhat) intelligent race if not for our struggles that brought us here? No one said life was easy…if they did they should tied and properly beaten for lying to you!

Where is your mention that while your job sucks….at least you have one!! What about the fact that though your husband/wife is not the knight in shining armor/princess you thought he/she was…he/she decided to stick it out with your griping behind! And sure your children could use a few swats to their spoiled behinds…but they are what YOU made them. There must be SOME endearing qualities about them….right….right?

Alls I’m sayin’ people is…lighten up! One day you are going to wake up and look around and “oh crap I’m old!” is going to come out of your mouth. Do you really want to look back and say…”man I was such a bummer.”? No. No one wants to be remembered for being that grouchy person that no one could stand to be around.

In the famous words of  Truvy Jones …”SMILE IT INCREASES YOUR FACE VALUE!!” (for those of you not aware of who Truvy Jones is…it’s a quote from Steel Magnolias…and your movie education is seriously lacking!)


P.S. I apologize in advance to any one that may be offended by my (rude but truthful) outburst…well…not really. If you are offended…obviously you need to smile more often too!

The Lack of Sleep is Liberating….Really it is…


I have repeated this mantra in my head for the last two hours as my youngest son watches the everrepeated Despicable Me.It is in these moments…the by God wee early morning moments…that I ponder the unanswered question…why do babies fight sleep? Surely studies around the world have come up with some sort of theory. As Liam literally growls at the television to keep himself awake I wonder…does it really take FULL adulthood for it to sink in that sleep is GOOD? If I could pray for one thing (okay…besides the cure for AIDS and the end to world hunger) it would be that there is a way to help babies understand that it is okay to sleep. Really….you won’t miss a thing. Nothing THAT exciting is going to happen at 5:00 a.m. I promise. 

6:00 a.m. rolls around and still baby boy is growling and laughing desperately fighting to stay awake. It would be almost comical where it not for my bleary and sleep deprived mind reminding me that in less that thirty minutes the entire house will be awake and then….then….there is NO chance that I can catch a few winks until the twins are napping. Which won’t be until about….11:30. Because as sure as God has made little green apples (yeah…we really say that down here in the south) she is going to be bright eyed and wanting her Despicable Me too. 

I try to find solace in the thought that eventually…they will go to sleep. But right now all I can do is perk ANOTHER pot of coffee and pray my sanity holds.  For all you scientist out there….PLEASE answer my question. Why do babies fight sleep! Every mother on the planet wants to know!!

A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds…

As I swayed and rocked….bounced and patted….sang and shhhhh’d…but still to no avail I was instantly cast back in time when my older children were teething and like a bolt of lightning I remembered….THIS WAS THE HARD PART! Those big fat crocodile tears roll down those chubby little cheeks and my heart clenches in agony. I have applied liberal amounts of teething gel and tablets and still it barely puts a dent to the paint they are enduring. Most grown people couldn’t fathom the pain that these tiny beings endure to bring new teeth in. Of course as adults we all whine and cry about our wisdom teeth…and have a hard time imagining having that pain continuously for about five years. So as I watch these sweet little babies fuss and cry and nothing I do soothes them…I keep the thought first and for most in my mind and push irritation aside…those tiny little bones are pushing through their skin in their mouths…the least I can do is rock them through it.

The hardest part of being a parent is watching  your children in pain. I thought back to my labors and I tried to put myself in my mothers position. Watching her child endure extreme pain to bring new  life…that is just unimaginable to me…yet she did…she held me through each pain (along with my husband) and cried with me as it became unbearable. Of course you can’t really liken teething to child birth but it’s in the same gray area…you can only watch your child suffer as nature takes its course.

And so i rocked my baby and felt his little body shake and shudder through sniffled little cries and took a moment to give a huge prayer of thanks for the wonderful mother the good Lord has blessed me with. Through her courage I have learned that although you can’t take that pain away…just being there and holding them through it means the world. I am not sure if I ever thanked my mother for the

A mother’s love knows no bounds…

strength she lent me as I pushed my children screaming into this world. If I did not…momma…I am saying it now…I could search the world over to find a way to thank you for all you have done for me and I will NEVER find the perfect words. All I can do is tell you that you make me proud to call you my mother. You make me proud to be a mother…for through you I have learned courage.


Waste Not the Time You Have With Your Children…

Where does the time go? As a parent we will ask this question a million times. I look at my teenage son…now 16 yrs old and steadily showing me that he is a young man now. My teenage daughter…now 13 and already so grown up it breaks my heart. Once in a while I take those memories I’ve hoarded up in my heart and examine them closely. Like tiny treasures in a hope chest I smile a secret smile at the small children they used to be. With pudgy little hands and big eyes full of awe and wonder those two once tiny beings had and still have mommy’s whole heart in their dirt smudged little hands. These days I look at them in that certain moment that sends alarm bells shrieking through my system…my babies aren’t babies any more! Oh sure…they are ALWAYS going to be my babies but to this world they are headed towards young adulthood. 

Perhaps the twins have brought all these memories to the front of my mind as I watch them do the same things that the older children used to do. The things that I was so excited to see…just couldn’t wait to see! The first smile…the first time they rolled over…the first babbled word. As I anxiously and eagerly waited for them to “find” their toes! All of these firsts bring back bittersweet memories of watching the older ones and that remembered excitement of seeing it. 

The twins are now 7 mo and I just keep asking myself….where does the time go? They were just tow tiny little beings in NICU fighting to get stronger and now they are close to crawling. As I look at my older children I can only helplessly look at my younger children and sigh….soon they too will be running momma crazy with I need’s and I want’s. The rolled eyes and shrugged shoulders…and “oh mommmmmmaaaa!” I treasure every moment with ALL of my children. I soak up the “momma you are the best mom in the world” and “I love you’s!” like every day is my last and I have to shake my head at the mom that is so impatient to be rid of her children for the weekend (alas I have to nearly beg my two teenagers to stay home on the weekends). Waste not the time you have with your children…for it will be a mere thought in the wind in but a few moments. (yeah…I thought that one up my self!) One day you will look around at an empty house and bemoan the vast alone that surrounds you. Cherish those small insignificant memories…the ones that you don’t believe merit a second thought. Memories like…a small smile just for you and you alone. A whispered I love you as you kiss them good night even after you’ve both said it back on forth ten times. Those wonderful and warm arms wrapped around your neck and that trusting head upon your shoulder. All of these seem so small to you now…but in the far future…they will be diamonds inside your heart.