Yeah…Still Here.

What can I say….life is busy. Cut me some slack! I am a mama of four kids, one busy hubby, a double major in college, I (try) to maintain a household and…still do all of this while looking fabulous! (okay…that part was a bit of a stretch)

I am debating on trying the app for my snazzy new phone (yes…it really is awesome…no…you can’t have it!) and blogging on the go cause how awesome would that be. My phone has a built in speech to text option and that my friends…is a whole new level of awesome.

Point in case:

I detest (I use this word STRONGLY) typing. It’s almost as bad as writing in my opinion. Why blog you ask? Well…that’s different. I LIKE to tell everyone what’s going on. I DON’T like to type a three page paper on the Jewish Holocaust (mainly because I REALLY DETEST the Nazi commander…I shall not even give importance by actually “saying” his name). Enter Documents to go on my snazzy android phone. Oh….my…goodness. It goes like this…open word to go…click microphone button and ….speak. NO typing. None. I literally “voiced out” a three page paper on how America could have better intervened on the Jewish people’s behalf….(seriously? duh.)

I can’t tell you how this has brought my half hazard school work to a new level of lazy. 🙂 BUT…maybe now things will actually get done in a more timely manner.

So back to the awesome phone. Here’s where you all ask…well….what it the phone?! It’s the Galaxy Note (okay it’s a knock off of the Galaxy Note for a mere fraction of the price). I tell you there are still things that I am finding out about this phone that amaze me everyday. For instance..I had no idea I had a hotspot option. My teenagers are THRILLED by this…thrilled I tell you. I can watch movies on Netflix, catch up on my Supernatural and Vampire Diaries on the CW app (yup…there’s an App for that) and troll through the million youtube channels I subscribe to. It reminds me of what I have going on each week (or daily if I so prefer) and trust me…that one is a God send…nothing like forgetting you have a dr apt for your twins until the day of and have NO ONE to go with you to do the shots. Still having nightmares from that one. IT has enabled me to carry my facebook addiction to a whole new level and trust me…it’s pretty bad lol. (You know it’s bad when you find yourself trying to “like”  and email a friend sent to you) OH and….for you super busy people out there it has a dual SIM capability. This means you can have TWO numbers with this phone (one for personal and one for business)  and I just think that’s the neatest thing ever. Nerdy? Yes.

There are a million and one reasons I can go on and on about why this phone is awesome but I don’t want to be here all night.

The link to the awesome phone is below:

ANNNNNYWAYS….I’ma get off a here for now and maybe sleep…maybe. Proly not. Will more than likely look for the wordpress app 🙂